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Platinum Global Investment group seeks to be an opportunity and high-quality to our investors, clients, and customers related to investing in eleven major sectors, Consumer Discretionary, Information Technology, Real Estate, Utilities, Consumer Staples, Communication Services, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Materials, and Energy.

Founded in 2020, Platinum Global Investment Group is a minority-owned investment group that focuses on making income and value-add investments in securities and real estate (commercial, residential and undeveloped land) throughout the United States, South America, and Africa. Our team of investors has a combined experience of 15 years.  Platinum Global Investment Group employs a team of advisors across economic sectors to advise securities and real estate investments, both domestically and internationally, to identify trends to maximize income growth while operating efficiently.


Platinum’s core belief is to invest in sustainable investment practices that are long-term and risk-adjusted returns. Our approach is also disciplined and strategic in investing in various sectors which will assist in maximizing our return.



Platinum Global Investment Group has a strong commitment to the community in which we invest.  Our principles models after the that of the World Economic Forum, "committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas", which in turn assist underserved communities to thrive in both economic and health standards.  


Platinum Global Investment Group believes in entrepreneurship; therefore, we seek to partner with young entrepreneurs with transforming ideas that address the challenges of underserved communities, which addresses the more immense global challenges we face in the coming century.


Platinum Global Investment Group has a long-term goal to capitalize on returns by investing in securities to maximize returns.

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